How do I book local and national Gigs?

One of my favorite topics!

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The Nashville Rocks Podcast, which examines this topic in detail around the 28 minute mark.


“You could easily give a seminar on how to book gigs for Independent musicians,” Jason from Nashville Rocks says. “What’s the key to being successful booking? It is a DIFFICULT process. Why are you so successful at it?”


“Probably because I don’t think it’s a difficult process. That’s probably why I’m successful in general. I don’t consider what I’m doing, ‘HARD.’ It’s where you put your mindset, and you’re gonna stop yourself from getting anywhere if you think it’s difficult. It’s not just in music, everybody! It really just is in LIFE, and relationships, and what ever you do. There’s not any one key, but there might be a top two or three…”

To learn what those top keys are, download the podcast. It’s free! But to really dive deep into all the factors that booking entails, you need to consider hiring me. I’m just waiting to share all the juicy secrets to booking yourself gigs! 

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