How do I make a living as an independent Artist?

This is the #1 question I’ve been asked over the years:

“How do you make a living as an Independent Artist?” 

There’s no one, simple answer for this. There are several steps one needs to follow on a ritualistic basis in order to reach this ultimate goal. However, I’m happy to share the first step with you, which is a must: YOU MUST BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. If you don’t first and foremost believe in yourself, then who else will? You can’t fake that, at least not if you expect to have any sort of longevity. So here’s the kicker. In believing in your abilities and talents, you need to be willing to explore the unknown/uncomfortable, and for most, that means leaving the comfort zone of your day job. I’m not suggesting to give your boss your two weeks notice this second. I only suggest leaving IF you have all your ducks in a row, beforehand. You must be prepared. I do think it’s possible to do both, but at some point, when you’re ready and PREPARED to take that next step, the only way to do it is by ripping the Bandaid off, and diving head first into a music only lifestyle.

Jumping into the full-time artist pool isn’t easy, especially if you’re used to a steady paycheck. It takes discipline, perseverance, a lot of patience, and being savvy enough to realize the importance of having multiple streams of income. That means knowing that until you’re selling out stadiums, you need to have several ways that you make money through music, and this is something I will teach you when we work together. Of almost equal importance, you have to have a great (not a good, a GREAT) attitude and understand that not everything will go your way, even when you think it should. You really have to put yourself out there and not worry about what everyone else is doing or saying. Just focus on yourself, and perfecting your craft, and the rest will fall into place. It did for me, and it’s because I followed “The Process: The Top 10 Guidelines to Follow for Ongoing Success,” something I created on my own based on my personal experiences over the last decade in the music industry. You can read more on “The Process” by visiting the page linked above, however it is when you hire me that you will learn the deeper meanings behind each one. As your mentor, I will teach you, in detail, exactly what I did, step by step, in order to become financially free and living the ultimate dream of working for myself as an Entrepreneur, touring and performing, as an original singer-songwriter.

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