Why is Social Media important?

You love social media, right? You probably even have a few apps open right now on that Smartphone of yours, and if you don’t, you either don’t have a Smartphone and your apps are open on your Blackberry or iPad, or you live under a rock. A very, very, large, heavy, dark, probably even stinky, rock. Or you’re one of those “I hate social media” musicians and in that case, you and I NEED to talk. Stat!

 For me, it all started with Myspace. Thank you, Myspace. I was discovered there by several music venues, Internet radio shows and fellow musicians. I mean, Myspace was my JAM! I attribute a lot of where I am today, from being so active on that site. It taught me the importance of updating my status and always making sure my page stayed fresh with new photos, songs, and information. As every social media site popped up, I got on it, and before I knew it, I was on the first page of Google when you typed “San Diego Female Singer Songwriter” into the search engine. That spot is long gone, since living in Nashville for the last few years, but STILL. I was there. And now? Type in “Alyssa” or “Alyssa J” and I come up automatically as somewhere in the top six to eight. I have never paid a dime for SEO (search engine optimization) or placement online, anywhere. I cannot stress enough the importance of the extremes and the basics of social media. Extremes, we can talk about in further detail after you hire me:) But by basics, I mean 1) Having a personal website for your music (www.AlyssaJacey.com) and 2) Being on all the obvious social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Reverbnation and Instagram. I am, and have always been, super active on social media, and it has helped me TREMENDOUSLY. I hear fellow artists all to often talk about how much of “a pain” it is, or that they “hate social media,” because they don’t get the amount of feedback that they would like, or can’t think of anything unique to post about, outside of new songs. That is something I will TEACH you, my friends! It is SO much fun, once you get the hang of using social media to your advantage. It’s such a great way to connect friends, family and especially with fans. I LOVE my Blue Crew!

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