Why Choose Image Twelve28?

Why Alyssa Jacey’s company, over anyone else’s?

If you already know me, then this answer is easy. If this is your first time hearing of me, then here is where I really need to sell my product to you, which in this case, the product is me. Since I am the only person at the moment running this company, I am in charge of everything, which I love. I LOVE working with artists one-on-one. Now, because I have been self-managed, self-artist-developing, self-media-coaching and self-booking my entire career, I really do GET 100% of what it takes, to do each and every single one of those things. Please allow me to provide to you, a short list of accolades:

*Self-released, produced and/or co-produced eight albums and 20 singles in 14 years.

*Self-booked over 3,500 shows since 2005, including sharing stages opening for; Bruno Mars, Maren Morris, Andy Grammer, Shawn Colvin, Paula Cole, Lisa Loeb, Anna Nalick, Ambrosia, Scott Russo, Chase Rice, Keith Anderson, Josh Kelly, Parachute, Ernie Halter, Jack Tempchin, PEPPER, Sara Haze, Joan Osborne, Sophie B. Hawkins, Meiko, Serena Ryder, Matt Hires, Ryan Star, Angel Taylor, Gary Hoey, Bushwalla, Gregory Page, Mandy Perkins and more.

*Hard Rock Cafe performer: Honolulu, HI (12x), Florence, Italy, San Diego, Nashville, and Indianapolis.

*Self-booked three nationwide tours, including 2011’s Super Hero Tour (31 shows in 6 weeks), 2014’s 31 show, 24 city ‘Destined.’ Tour, and FOUR International Tours from August 2015 – October 2016 (The first was the “Heart Breathe European Tour” – 25 shows, eight public speaking events between Sweden, London and Ireland. The second was “A Blue Ritz-mas” residency at The Ritz in Athlone 4x/week for 3 weeks of December 2015 plus some one-off shows in Dublin and Galway, and one private event concert in Stockholm equating to 15 shows. Third and fourth tours were the “Four Sweden Tour” and “Four Sweden Tour, Extended” between August & October of 2016, performing several times between Stockholm, Gothenburg, Örebro and Copenhagen, Denmark, plus a few public speaking events, equating to 18 shows, 1 public speaking event.

*Self-taught on guitar and drums.

*Written over 400 original songs.

*Whiskey Jam regular performer (Winners Bar, eight times between Dec 2012 and Oct 2019!)

*I booked over 3,000 artists, duos, trios and bands around town as a Writer’s Night host for three venues, four nights/week, which also taught me how to be a live sound engineer. (Full-time Aug 2012-Feb 2014 and off/on currently)

*FIRST PLACE WINNER in the Singer/Songwriter competition at the San Diego County Fair (2018!) Won $3,000, a brand new Taylor guitar and got to record a song with Jason Mraz’s team!

*’I Want It to Rain’ ON THE RADIO as of February 2018! Also nominated for 2018’s “Recording of the Year” by Tennessee Songwriter’s Association International.

*’Heart Breathe’ nominated for 2016’s “Song Cut of the Year” by Tennessee Songwriter’s Association International.

*Nominated “Best Live Country Performer” for Nashville Independent Music Awards. (2013)

*Winner of “NBC San Diego’s ‘The Voice'” Competition (2011).

*Winner of the “Belly Up Tavern’s Facebook Party” Competition (San Diego, 2011).

*Winner of the “Your Song San Diego” Competition (2009), performed live at the “Best Of San Diego Party” and featured in San Diego Magazine.

*Nominated “Best Female” for So Cal Music Live Acoustic Awards (Los Angeles, 2008).

*Live interviews and performances on countless morning news shows on both TV and radio, as well as Internet radio shows, and podcasts all over the world.

*Countless news articles in the paper and on the Internet! Favorites are the two on PRLog.com, the two on PopEntertainment.com (only artist on that site who has been interviewed more than once) and several on SanDiegoReader.com!

*I was a DJ for a radio station back in San Diego for six months in 2009, which awarded me the opportunity to meet several singers I idolize (click here for photo album), and open for others.

*Performed the National Anthem for 15,000 Padres fans, for the LFL at the San Diego Sports Arena for 5,000 fans (Watch this on YouTube by clicking here), cheerleading competitions, basketball games, the Tennessee State Senate, and on Johnny Laulfer’s radio show on NPR (3,000+ stations nation wide), private corporate events and more.

*Albums/music all on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, Alyssa Jacey Radio on Pandora and more!

#1 on the Reverbnation Pop Charts (San Diego, Jan-Dec, 2010).

#1 on the Reverbnation Pop Charts (Nashville, Mar-May, 2012).

#1 on the Reverbnation Blues Charts (Nashville, Jan-Dec, 2014).

#1 on the Reverbnation Singer/Songwriter Charts (Nashville, March-April, 2020).

*Co-host for Balcony TV, Nashville (May 2014-April 2019, when it was bought out by another company).

*Host Talent Watch TV (May 2015-January 2017).

*Public and motivational speaker for Elementary Schools, High Schools, Colleges, conferences and private businesses! (May 2014-current).

There is more, but I told you it would be short, and it’s not, so I have to stop here. I mentioned all of these things, not to pat myself on the back, for bragging rights, or for ANY other reason, other than to show you that all of this was done on my own which means YOU CAN DO IT, TOO. Sure, I had mentors, but the black and white of my career is that I have accomplished everything you read online, without the aid of a manager or booking agent, and THAT is why I started this company. I want YOU, the ARTIST, to be able to come to another artist (in this case, ME) and trust that I can guide you with no other intentions other than wanting to see you succeed. It’s hard to trust “managers” or “agents” who haven’t lived what we live on a day to day, so why not work with someone who’s experienced what you are experiencing?

I am someone you can count on to actually do what I say I will do. Not only that, but I am a mentor; I love and LIVE to teach what I know. I will teach YOU and be there for YOU, every step along the way. Give me a chance to show you what I can do. I offer several packages to chose from when considering my services: Mentoring, Media Coaching, and Artist Development.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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